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Advanced Archery 1.0

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three edits
This was Created By lucid at runuo back in 2006

This Version is not the same version that uses the memory system that he had wrote I didn't like that version as it was pretty much useless.

What I have done is nearly rewrite the cbaseranged to mirror the baseranged with all lucid edits

The dip tubs I had to rewrite the targeting part to be much more efficient then the old way was where you could only change 20 at time now you can exchange any amount also remove some old unused code.

I did edits to archerybutteaddon.cs
I did edits to trainningdummies.cs
I did edits to baserunictool.cs

I renamed all the bows to AdvancedBow ect this way you do not have to worry about over writing your bows.

Ill share all my scripts and stuff here
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