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AdvanceInteriorDecorator 0.002

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Took the original DecorationTool.cs, and added some additional command features to it, and checks.
Such as if an item is already locked down, or if it is already secured. Ect.

It is setup to make sure that the user will not be able to put items out of the house area. Due to some settings of the original Decoration tool, clients were able to put things outside of the house and sometimes lose the items either under the house or in a wall somewhere.

Friends of the house are able to move things around, and lock something down and release what they have locked down.

Friends are not able to release things that the owner or the co-Owner has secured or locked down.

If you are not a friend of the house you will not be able to use the tool.

Known Issue:
To make it so that the client would not be able to put things outside of the house the X Y Z inside this script has been changed up some. It makes it so the client houses are correct with placement if items.


With the latest Knives TownHouses 3.0 there is a placement issue. when you try to move things to the north you lose 1 Y access line(North) and 1X line(West), if you want to be able to use those points you will need to mod the xyz ect.


At current, I have it to use the original housing system and can work around the missing X Y point in knives houses.

If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask...
Leonel Strouse
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