All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL)

Launcher All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL) 3.1

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An open source CLI-based client, compatible with the IPL manifest protocol, is now available for download on GitHub:
GitHub - Ohkthx/xIPL: Cross-platform (x) Installer, Patcher, and Launcher (IPL) for Ultima Online.

The project is developed and maintained by Schism.

This client does not currently provide the server mechanism for updating and deploying.

Shard owners may deploy this project for players who prefer to use alternative operating systems.
Update to .NET 4.8
Simplify client UI button initialization and handling
Simplify StreamBuffer coalesce size detection
Fix server DownloadHost stop/start functionality
Move remaining local app settings to global settings file for easier access
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