Altered Lands

Art Altered Lands 2022-06-20

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Altered Lands

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a collection of land texture modifications​


  • Farm Lands : Verdant farms of sproutlings and wild weeds
  • Dirt Hills : Blended overhang slopes and reduced runnels along embankments
  • Cave Dark : Darkened gray caverns , reduced tiling lines on cave-mountains
  • Mountain Path : Reduced lines , transitions of rocks to dirt and grass
  • Forest Grove : Verdant green forest
  • Snow Ridge : Smoothed snow slopes
  • Sand Dunes : Blended embankments , darkened and desaturated
Cons :
  • On Hills the original lined runnels convey depth and impassibility well , these modded textures are less clear and may be more difficult to visually navigate areas .
  • In reducing the tiling repetition , there is a loss of visually distinct forms and large areas of the modded textures appear as generic bland noise .
  • Possibly undesired changes to hued environments which share textures

Installation / Patching
  • extract downloaded zip
  • open Mulpatcher > Settings > set the Art and Texture mul paths ( UO Client usually in program files ) and LOAD them .
  • Features > Autopatch select the downloaded txt file (00_ENV_ALL_ART_S.txt ) set Art_S as category > hit START .
  • repeat Autopatch for 00_ENV_ALL_ART_M.txt ( Art M ) , and 00_ENV_ALL_TEX.txt ( Textures )
  • Settings > Save the Art and Texture mul to the UO Client directory .
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