Artifact Loot System

Artifact Loot System 2.0

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Originally I had posted this system to RunUO in 2011.
since then, I have added minor adjustments to accommodate the distribution of items though the use of Tickets as another fun way to acquire custom loot.

Items added to the ArtifactList.cs will still drop by percentage to PVM kills based on player standing and difficulty of battle.
As a secondary fun method, There is also the use of the Gumball Capsule machine to provide Items listed within the ArtifactList.cs to players too. which will distribute one Capsule ball to players per ticket.

Updated to the system, a ticket machine to distribute Tickets to players if you wish to use. cost of each ticket 60,000 gold coins "adjust to fit your game". The use of the machine helps if you find the drop rate for tickets to be slow, or don't already have a automated system in place to provide tickets to players though events.

:thank you to PyrO for your assistance.
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