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Artisan Festival - Reward Items (2016/2017/2018/2019) 1.3

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Publish 101 Items:
just another quick pack of the new art quickly scripted into usable Lights and Decorations. You may do with these as you wish I just coded them this way so they're easier to see and use.

All of the information and names used were gathering from:

Inside this zip file you will find 4 separate CS files each with a name corresponding to its contents. Simple drag this folder anywhere inside your Scripts folder and restart your server.

Paper Lanterns:
2016 - Honor, Sacrifice, Hythloth, Destard
2017 - Scales, Crook, Coin, Sceptre

Throw Pillows:
2016 - Compassion, Honesty, Wrong, Shame
2017 - Swords, Ankh, Mask, Axe

2016 - Justice, Humility, Covetous, Pride.
2017 - Heart, Hand, Broken Shield, Unbalanced Scales

Wooden Sculptures:
2016 - Valor, Spirituality, Despise, Deceit
2017 - Sculptures Chalice, Tear Drop, Moon, Skull

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Latest Updates

  1. Final Fixing and Cleaning

    Should all be using correct ItemIDs and Lit/Unlit versions now.
  2. Publish 107 Update

    Added the New 2019 Items Fixed some mistakes with Wrong ItemIDs. Changed all Spawning names to...
  3. Update: Publish 103

    Some misnamed items fixed. Added new publish 103 items.