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Paintshop pro, Gimp 2.0, or Adobe Photoshop
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Auto Planks.psp Paintshop Pro 5.0 or Gimp 2.0
Auto Planks.psd Adobe Photoshop

Find Dark or Light Wood texture you like on internet
If its wood grain is vertical, rotate 90 degrees left or right
If wood grain is horizontal do nothing
Then free rotate 45 degrees
Paste Left version on left texture layer, then copy that
Paste that on right texture layer, then mirror
Choose light or dark grout
Nails on or off
Merge all
Make a selection around each tile when happy with results
Paste each image as new save and install

Best I can explain it. Enjoy.

Note you can play around with the textures you find. I just grabbed first one I like and made a preview out of it
I could have resized it trying to get more pixelation, could have played with the color ect...
Just have fun with it. I hope this tool proves useful.
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