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[Beta] Offline Skill Training Core 0.5a

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What is Offline Skill Training?
Exactly what it sounds like. This system is intended to allow players to train skills while their character is logged out by studying books associated with a specific skill.

This system is in Beta and in development for the most recent version of ServUO. There may be bugs. Some features are not yet complete. Please use at your own risk, and be careful adding it to production shards.

How does it work?

To begin training, simply double click a study book in your inventory and then log out of the game. The next time you log in, your skill will be increased, as long as you spent enough time offline and studying. Skills gained from offline training obey all of the standard skill gain mechanics.

By default, characters will gain 0.5 skill every 15 minutes that they are offline for whatever skill they are training, up to a maximum of 30.0 skill increase after being offline for 15 hours. Due to the possibility for varying levels of skill gain on various servers, I have made all of these values easily adjustable. If you would rather your players gain 0.1 skill every 30 minutes, or 1 skill every 5 minutes, or you don't mind if offline players are able to train up to a maximum of 100 skill points, all of these values can be found at the top of the script with comments noting which values do what.

In addition, there is a feature that can be easily disabled that will grant players a Scroll of Alacrity buff for the skill that they are training, if they spend enough time offline studying. The duration of this alacrity buff and the number of hours that a player must be offline to gain the buff are easily adjustable as well. If you would rather not use the feature, it can be disabled simply by changing a bool at the top of the script to false.

Study Books have a maximum skill total that they can train to, of your choosing. The study book's name and color will be changed based off of the maximum skill the book allows you to train to. Anything below 100 max skill is a brown book called "A standard [Skill Name] manuel." Books that allow training to 100 are red, and are called "An advanced [Skill Name] manuel." Books that allow training to 120 are white and called "A tome of lost [Skill Name] techniques."

That all sounds interesting, but how do my players acquire these books?
Good question. On my server, I am placing skill books that allow training up to 70 skill on vendors that have the ability to train the skill in question for a total of 1,000 gold. Advanced books (that can train up to GM) will be added to drop tables for any creature or treasure chest that can drop scrolls, and will also be available on the UO store in exchange for sovereigns on my server. As for tomes (120 skill) I am planning on adding these as potential loot from champion spawns for some, and designing a few "legendary quests" that require 100 skill for others.

Really it's up to you how you want to distribute training books. You could make them craftable by Scribes, you could simply sell them on vendors, you could make them available for purchase with Sovereigns in the UO store.
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