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[It was originally created for RunUO, but is still fully compatible with ServUO]


This Book Code Generator allows people to generate the code (C# script) of a book by simply filling out a form in the browser.

Live Demo:

  • Easily sets Book Title, Book Author, File Name and the Book Cover.
  • Formats the contents of the book wisely, without wasting space.
  • Checks if the file name has special characters or accents.
  • Allows to change the book cover via image.
  • Limits the book content to 60,000 characters, to avoid overflow.
  • Allows to compress the code, if you don't intend to edit later.
  • Commented javascript code, intended to be easy to understand.
  • Downloadable book as a CS file.

Download and unzip this package. Then, for single and offline use, open the index.html file with your favorite web browser. But to make it really useful, host it on a website and spread the link.

After generating the .cs file, put it anywhere in scripts folder, restart the server and use the command in-game: [add cbook

It'll show all the custom books generated by this script (if you didn't change the 'CBook' prefix, of course).


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Still works with my version of ServUO. Thank you so much!
Yeah this I used int eh past and is a very handy tool. Players like it also and get very creative writing their tales!