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The idea for this script came after seeing Bricks a.k.a LEGO (By Gacoperz) long time ago on runuo forums. I've made an entire system over his concept.

To install, just drop this script anywhere inside your scripts Folder.

After restarting the server, login with a staff acount and use the following command to create a Bricklayer's Box:
[add BricklayerBox

When players double-click the "Bricklayer's Box" they receive "Box of Bricks" on their backpack. Inside that box, there are several types of bricks (ProtoBricks) and two items: "Brick Lifter" (to move a brick up) and "Brick Fillister" (to move a brick down).

When players click once on a ProtoBrick, they change form. And if the player double-clicks it, a copy of that brick is added to their backpack.

They can crate how many copies they want, and with that copies they should create some building, by droping the bricks on the ground and double-clicking they to lock the bricks down.

Players can delete and dye the bricks while they have them in their backpacks.

I've set it to don't allow players drop bricks on Town Regions.

With that you can do any kind of event related to building. Could be the Most Beautiful/Creative/Colored/Extensive Building, for example.

And when you finish the event, use the following command to wipe all Bricks Items from the server:

Hope you find good use for it on your shard!
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