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Celtic Desktop 1.0

This is an old classic favorite that I had repaired.

  1. otimpyre
    Clients ish
    This includes a patcher that uploads directly to your Ultima Online default directory! Do NOT use unless you have a backup!

    Paperdoll Preview.png
    This is only a small preview. Included in the download is
    the original celtic desktop in a patcher form. This is automatic.
    The fonts must be installed manually.
    And the missing pieces which I have created. These must also be installed manually 1x1 into the gumps.mul.
    The missing pieces included are the star on paperdoll which I converted to a pentacle, guild button, quest button, equipment boxes shown hanging off the left of paperdoll, & and a menu color fix for moongates. I only created this to try to keep celtic desktop alive. Alas newer clients have even more changes to the gumps. IE... status bar. So use at your own risk.