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Chicken Fighting 1.0

You and a nother Player bets on a chicken.

  1. dragon slayer2
    This script was released long ago at runuo but was very buggy

    I have updated it with fixes to solve half the bugs in this and I hope some one wouldn't mind lending me some help making it a better package..

    Fixed so you couldn't be dead and dclicked the stone
    Fixed Range of the stone to be dclicked
    Fixed So same account can not bet on a chicken fight.
    Also added a fix that some one else made where the winner takes the money and not both players.

    Couple Bugs I need help with

    If only one person bets on a chicken and no one joins server can crash.
    If a Gm removes the one chicken and no one else betted server can crash
    Also would like to make it if player logs out the match is stopped and put in as a draw no one takes reward.