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Chocolatiering Adventure! 2022-03-10

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ServUO pub57 and the latest UO client
The credit for scripting the Guardian House system goes to @Juzzver. He did an incredible job of getting what I had in mind into UO. For that he has my eternal gratitude.

Here's what you can expect when players go adventuring in this house.

Candy Cottage:

When they try to open the door, Oompas and Loompas will appear and they must be killed or flee before the players can open the door. The Oompas and Loompas will randomly drop items needed for the system, with the exception of cocoa pulp which can be gathered from Cocoa trees already present in the core of the ServUO package.

Once inside the house, players will encounter a chest. When attempting to open the chest the Candy Man will spawn. While attacking him he will summon more Loompas until he is slain. He drops random chocolatiering items as well.

The chest requires GM lockpicking to open, and it does explode :). It also contains random loot and chocolatiering items.

When the chest has been open, the house itself will disappear within 30 minutes.

On my server I have these houses in clusters or 2 or 3 and the respawn set to an hour.

I have added a new tool called a Chocolatiering Bowl. It opens the Chocolatiering menu which includes all the things both in the core and in this system that deal with chocolate making.

I added new foil-wrapped figures that have an added fun element. When they are unwrapped they have a random chance of dropping Tarot Cards, much like you get the Semidar cards from the Nutcracker.

I hope you enjoy the system, it was loads of fun to put it together.
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