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Cleanup Rewards Publish 86 TC1 1.1


  1. Crome969
    Hello and Welcome Visitor!

    This shall be my first Contribution on Servuo :

    When i heard that EA is adding more Cleanup Rewards, i decided to write them and contribute on Servuo.

    The Resource contains as followed :

    + Base class for Custom Tokuno-Style Pigments
    + Base class for Cleanup Robes

    + Cleanup Pigments of all Pubs
    + Rouge Luck Jewelry Set
    + New Talismans from pub 86
    + Lily Pad and Lily Pads
    + New Mushrooms from pub 86
    + New Imprisoned Vollem from pub 86
    + New Super Slayer Instruments from pub 86
    + Presentation Stone from pub 86
    + Cleanup Robes

    Installation Notes can be taken on FAQ

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks for work