Clone Character On Logout

Clone Character On Logout 1.1.2

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Now it clones correctly the mount of the character. It can be BaseMount or EtherealMount.
Hotfix to avoid server crash if chracter is mounted on an ethereal mount, which is not a BaseMount.

I've noticed this bug after a report from ckz666 (

Later I'll try to make it clone the mount in all cases (being an item or a mobile).

To update, just copy this new script over the old one.
- Now on the first time the script is run on the shard, it clones all offline players.
- Now the mounts are completely cloned. It avoids a bug of the mount disappearing and reappearing during some npc animations.
- Fixed the skills of the clones, so they can correctly train other players.

To update:
  1. Log in the shard with and administrative account and type: [global remove where characterclone
  2. Download the new version of this script and overwrite the old one.
  3. Restart the server and check out the new features.