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Colored Equipment Names 0.57.2

Colored Equipment Names based on attributes and props.

  1. Hank
    This will allow you to have armor, clothing, weapons and Jewelry with colored names based on the amount of attributes and props.

    I probably wont add quivers, talisman & spellbooks to this.

    An alternative verison is included for people who want to use pre-aos and or a hybrid of pre-aos and aos attributes and properties.

    If you want to use this version, only use the files inside the PreAOS + HybridPreAos folder. Basic instructions were added to the Information.txt inside that folder.

    1. You can change the number of different colors simply by adding another if value check.

    Code (C#):
    1. if (values >= 300)
    2. return "<BASEFONT COLOR=#FF944D>";
    3. else if (values >= 250)
    4. return "<BASEFONT COLOR=#FF66FF>";
    5. else if (values >= 200)
    6. return "<BASEFONT COLOR=#B48FFF>";
    2. You can change the color that is assigned for each rank of values by using html color codes.
    Code (C#):
    1. // This would be a pure black color
    2. return "<BASEFONT COLOR=#000000 >";
    3. // This would be a pure white color
    4. return "<BASEFONT COLOR=#FFFFFF  >";
    Notice how you only have to change the 6 digits after #

    3. There are two ways you can change the color range.
    One - Change the values > = number
    Two - go through and change how much is added to value

    4. You can use seperate colors for items with Artifact Rarity by changing
    Code (C#):
    1. bool useartifactrarity = false;
    Code (C#):
    1. bool useartifactrarity = true;
    You can change the color range for Artifact Rarity by changing
    the item.ArtifactRarity <= number
    by adding another similar if statement. You'll need to add the proper if/else if statement in the GetArmorItemValue method if you add another rarityvalues.

    ===Extra notes===
    Shields inherits basearmor so their name color gets applied from that.
    Balanced property is missing from WeaponItemProps.cs
    value & values are not exactly the same thing despite their similar wording.

    Lord Graywolf
    Nockar [Link: [RunUO 2.0] Colored Item Name Properties]
    RoninGT [Link: Gearscore Script]
    Ki Frost