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Custom Blues 1.1

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This was an old system I snagged off of RunUO years ago. With being down (at the time of this posting), I am unable to verify the original author. If anyone knows for a fact whom that might be, PM me and I'll give the appropriate credit(s).

Custom Blues is a drag/drop system for adding blue players to a shard. You can spawn them (SpawnHelper.cs and SpawnHelperMage.cs) near champ spawns to help players (the Blues can heal and res), there is a FriendlyPlayer you can spawn in areas of potentially high-traffic to help out other players, a YoungPlayer which you can spawn in a start zone (like New Haven for example) and they will be a "Young Player". There are also two vendors: Merc Vendor and the Inn Maid. If you decide you want players to purchase the various helpers, place the Merc Vendor out. The Inn Maid acts like a Stablemaster.

The original system is largely intact, but I made a few corrections, which are marked by Region Tass23/Raist:

1. Changed the TalkTime method so the Blues will only speak to/help another player (previously they were talking to any mobs within range). Also set the method to check is the PlayerMobile is a Player or a Staff Member (AccessLevel).

2. Added ethereal mounts for all Blues, except the Young Blue (previously they would spawn with horses and once the Blue died, the horse would be a wild animal, so depending on spawn time, you could have infinite horses being left by the Blues).

I have NOT tested this with the latest ServUO repo. If you find bugs, I'll do my best to squash them. ;)

I used custom ethereals, so if you get errors on compile, that's likely why lol Just find the region in each file and add your own ethereal :)
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