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Custom expanded names.xml 1.1

More unique names for NPC's and Monsters.

  1. Sirenix
    This is just an expanded name list i been tinkering with over the years. I like a good role play environment, and lets face it EA does not take the care and the time needed to create the names of the newer npc's and monsters that OSI use too. Having 3 people in the same room named the same thing is rather tacky, and can get confusing in the heat of battle. The list includes:
    • Paladin Names and Titles
    • Meer and Juka Names
    • Drow and Drow Lord Names
    • Gladiator Names and Titles
    • Greek Names
    • Druid Names
    • Graveyard names (for snow globes)
    • Expanded Elf Names
    • Expanded Gargoyle and Gargoyle Vendor Names
    • Expanded Savage Rider Names
    • Expanded Golem Controller Names
    To use simply merge, or replace existing names.xml then, find or create npcs or monsters you want to give names too and edit like so:

    Code (C#):
    2.   this.Name = "a juka lord";
    and replace with:
    Code (C#):
    2.   this.Name = NameList.RandomName("juka");
    3.   this.Title = "the juka lord";

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    Version: 1.1
    ty for this