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Custom full sets (Only full set can be equiped). 2018-12-08

Custom sets full packed.

  1. Insert Coin
    Hello guys!Here we go with 5 customs sets i created from unfinished code of other member i dont remember some time ago,so the full credit is not mine,but i like to drop the sets for all fo you.
    These sets are created under ML expansion,so you can see just ML props.They have some skill/stat bonus too.Tested under pub54,and last ServUo repo without problems.
    They are 5 sets called:
    -Path of baal.
    -Rigor mortis.
    -War song.
    -Generic engineer.
    -Natural predator.
    You can use when double click on activator.This item remove your stuff and equip the set.
    Here picture of the activators:
    I hope you guys like these sets,feel free to edit and share your own sets!
    You can add the activators using:
    [Add RigorMortis
    [Add BaalLegacy
    [Add WarSong
    [Add GenericEngineer
    [Add NaturalPredator.

    Edited:WTF a picture...

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