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custom map in progress

what i'm working on

  1. eri
    hey guys,
    let me know if you find out which map i'm working on since last year.

    the first 3 pictures are taken from resources-bmp that i need to render the map. texture-bmp, z-lvl-bmp and static-bmp
    the fiddler view shows how it looks all...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Darksun84
    Very cool,
    small guy with big feets, it's a Middle-Earth map?
    If yes, that's the Shire? The town in the east could be Bree but i can't recognize the western town near the sea.
    1. eri
      Author's Response
      you are right.
      you can see: mithlond, bree. hobbiton, weathertop, annuminas, white towers, tharbad and fornost
  2. Canar
    You had me at "new"
  3. Anonymous
    Looks Nice