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daat99's Master Looter + Ledger system Upgraded 1.0

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Good Morning,

I recently changed the Master Looter Gold section to work off the AccountGold for the player. This is only going to work for newer version of the game where the PlayerMobile has an AccountGold property.

Everything will either add to or take away from the players AccountGold, it has been tested, but I'm sure there is an error in there something.

A known issue is if you withdraw money from a bank, it will not update the tooltip amount. It will update to the correct amount on the next change to it directly, like adding gold to it or looting gold.

This is based on Daat99's system as they did 99% of the work, I just changed it to my needs.

If someone knows how I can make it update if the value of AccountGold changes, I haven't spent much time on that issue yet.

Hope this helps someone.
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