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Davie's Locker for older Clients 2018-03-28

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I found out that the graphics supporting Davie's Locker were not included in the client I am using (7.0.20), so I had to go in and put in existing graphics and rebuild the gump.

During the process I had made a few custom cliloc entries for my server. I've gone in and tried to remove them, but it's hard for me to thoroughly check. Please report any oddities, and I'll try to fix them.

I will not provide continued and ongoing support for this, but if someone makes an important fix, I'll gladly re-upload and edit this entry to provide credit.

You can see that this redone "Map Cabinet" uses the south armoire graphic, direction is fixed (although it would be trivial to allow it to go east, just wasn't important to me).

This is a direct replacement for Davie's Locker, using the same type, method, and code hooks to provide stock functionality.
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