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Deed of Repair 1.00

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Hi all,
my first contribution to this site :)

i wanted to add the posibility to repair items with money....
so i created this script. i díd not try it with the most recent version of servuo since i am running an older server.

if anything is unclear plz just ask. and since i am not a programmer any advice is gladly received.

If you want to add this to all Blacksmiths for sale open SBBlacksmith.cs
and add

Add(new GenericBuyInfo(typeof(DeedOfRepair), 50, 20, 0x14F0, 0));

that will set 20 pieces 50 bucks each.

in DeedOfRepair.cs
i`ve set
int repairCost = 450;
int repairAmount = 8;

repairCost will withdraw 450 from your backpack, bankbox or a goldledger(if in game).
repairAmount will add 8 hitpoints to the item up to the maximum.

if you do not have goldledgers in your server just uncomment
all #region use gold ledger
peter meier
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