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DefSewing-Magic Magic Clothes,Curtains,Rugs etc... 1.0

a new craftable based on Tailoring and Magery

  1. demented
    ServUo Pub 54
    This is just another Craftable like Skill that allows you to craft magic clothes,Bear skin rugs,carpets & pillow i made it so it requires the Player to be a GM Tailor that has to learn from a book..similar to glassblowing & masonery as an option..I Included a modified PlayerMobile.cs and the book if you also would like the players to learn at a Gm Skill otherwise if you choose not to edit the PlayerMobile.cs i left that as an option as Well...

    All credits go to Rancid as he is the original Creator..I just modded it and brought it back to life for ServUO & JustUo hehe