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Dps Golem 1.0

Mobile Dps Golem

  1. Kalamus
    This is just a simple mobile I put together awhile back for testing dps to balance things like weapons, spells, pets, ect.

    The Dps Golem (yeah I know it's an elemental :p) will display a simple overhead message after ~10 seconds of taking damage. This message is calculated from all damage taken from all sources over the last ~10 seconds and is displayed as dps. It requires steady damage during this time to work though as it only calculates/displays when hits change (e.g. hitting it once and stopping won't display a message after ~10 seconds).

    Warning: This was made for testing purposes and probably should be the case for it's use. Players and pets will still gain skills from attacking/casting on it and that will probably turn it into a skill macro'ing mobile ;).