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Elf Entrance Gate 2019-01-22


  1. Argonious
    This is the Elf Gate Entrance, just so you all know all the pieces will fit together, to form an Elf city, few more to construct, and then you will have town and manor house, and coupe other surprises. Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy building them!


    1. Argonious_1-22_19.25.jpg
    2. Argonious_1-22_19.26.jpg
    3. Argonious_1-22_19.26-1.jpg
    4. Argonious_1-22_19.26-2.jpg
    5. Argonious_1-22_19.27.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Akhentef
    Version: 2019-01-22
    WOW that is beautiful!