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Flying Carpets 1.0

This was posted lomng ago at runuo and orb

  1. dragon slayer2
    You will have to make some playermobile edits.
    Here is a release of flying carpets that I have fixed to work with servuo

    credits as always goes to all that created this script

    Here are the details:

    - Zoom around on a magic carpet: up, down and all around.
    - Set minimum and maximum altitude.
    - Set whether flight drains mana (and how much).
    - Set whether you can fly while invisible.
    - Set whether you can fly while mounted.
    - Set whether flying carpet has a "shadow" (a black-hued version drawn on ground to give visual indication of altitude)
    - Roll it up and stick it in your backpack!
    - Comes in many custom colors

    // somewhere just after the following lines in PlayerMobile.cs:
    //public class PlayerMobile : Mobile, IHonorTarget

    // add the following lines to the top of your PlayerMobile.cs file:
    #region Flying Carpet
    public Item m_CarpetItem;
    public Timer m_Volotimer;

    // AND right after the lines:
    public override bool Move( Direction d )

    // add the following:
    #region Flying Carpet
    if (HasGump( typeof( FlyingCarpetgump ) ))
    if ( m_Volotimer != null )
    m_Volotimer = null;
    CloseGump( typeof( FlyingCarpetgump ) );

    SendGump(new FlyingCarpetgump( m_CarpetItem, this, 0 ) );