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Goal Stone 2017-02-25

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v1. 1 - Serialized the variables so the goal and contributed amounts persist through restart.

The purpose of the goal stone is to allow the players to contribute gold to a community goal. This could be anything really. In my case, I am the sole developer for my server and there’s more development ideas than there is time in a day. So I came up with this idea not only as a gold sink, but to allow my players to influence the development of the ideas they like best. This allows for a more stable economy, a more focused development agenda centered around what the players find enjoyable, an almost endless drive to accumulate wealth, and a more cohesive community environment all working together to achieve a common goal.

Installation: [Add GoalStone and then [props the Goal amount and the Name (this will serve as the name of your goal). No distro edits necessary.

Use: Double clicking the stone gives a gump which displays the name of the goal (from the stone), the amount contributed so far, and the goal amount. Click the contribute button and target the pile of gold or bank check you wish to contribute. If the funds targeted are greater than the remaining funds needed, the stone will only take what is necessary to finish the goal. If the goal has been met, the button will say completed. Clicking this button will give a message that the goal has already been reached. If you target anything other than gold or a bank check, a message will display saying you cannot contribute that.

I hope this helps you establish a fun new gold sink and community involvement.
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  1. Goal Stone v1.1

    v1. 1 - Serialized the variables so the goal and contributed amounts persist through restart.