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Gold Safe 2018-07-14

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The Gold Safe is a container that can hold a certain amount of Gold and is blessed.

The bag itself is just a normal bag but it can only hold gold! The bag allows you to change the weight reduction of its content and have an upper limit as well!

You can also change the default weight of the safe / bag itself. You can also modify the global amount of gold it can take and change it per bag as well. Same goes for the weight multiplier.

This was made after Dweeb from the Discord asked if anyone had such a script and after he made it himself. But I thought I give it my spin and share it

- only gold
- limited amount of gold
- has its own weight
- has a gold weight multiplicator
- is blessed
- takes gold from the stack if it is too much
- displays the amount it has on the Safe
- displays the amount it can take on the Safe

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