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Halberd Test 2016-12-27

a new halberd animation

  1. Feynman
    This is my new halberd, ready to be scrutinized :D
    It is a test item for pole arms and staffs, etc. and can be used with WeaponAnimation: Bash2H, Slash2H, and Pierce2H.

    Some animation cycles show the colored halberd on the right side.
    I am still figuring out which animations are really needed.
    If you see a colored halberd at any point please report it here :)
    One example could be: someone made the fist attack available by command, even though a pole arm is equipped.
    Additionally, my little test-server still runs on RunUO 1.0, so there might be some differences i am unaware of :p
    Other things to look for:
    Masked out parts
    I mostly followed the original item, but changes are possible for the future.
    (For example, the attack animation on a horseback could have some potential to be optimized)
    It is free to use, enjoy!
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