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High Seas Bosses and Artifacts 2014-01-31

The 3 High Seas bosses : Corgul, Charybids and Osiredon

  1. Tacurumin
    Hi guys, i'm here to share my first custom release with all of you.

    I am working on the High Seas bosses( nothing so cool like in the Vita Core Next Video ), but a more "robust" version.

    Before posting, here is the credits for the peoples who helped me to make this package :

    - Koluch : from the RunUO community for ther HS Artifacts and the Osiredon base.

    - Erevan : For the Corgul's Altar.

    The Package contains :

    - All the HS artifacts( OSI like properties ).

    - The 3 bosses : Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer with the Fabled Fishing Net that is used to summon him on OSI.

    - Corgul the Soulblinder with the sacrificial altar used to gain the map for the "Island of the Soulblinder". All the Corgul's minions( Based on stratics properties ).

    - Charybids that summon's giant tentacles and the Oracle Of The Seas that is used to summon Charybids on the OSI.

    Instalation :

    - Just put this on the "Scripts" folder :D.

    Comming Next :

    - I'm still working on the Charybids Bait and on the Fishing Pole to be able to summon him instead of using the Oracle Of The Sea.

    Things that i don't know how to do and thanks:

    - Be able to reach the "Island of the Soulblinder" using a boat ( I tried dropping the map on the Tillersman and using "start" he begins to move but when the limit of the map is reached he goes around the world).

    - I hope you like it guys, any constructive criticism or hint will be appreciated, and thanks ! :D

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