IDOC Detector

IDOC Detector 0.0.1

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The Heritage Shard IDOC Detector:
  • Searches all houses placed on a shard when double clicked and lets players know how many are "In Danger Of Collapsing" or "Greatly Worn".
  • Changes color based on global house decay status:
    • Green - No houses greatly worn on IDOC.
    • Yellow - No houses IDOC but found some that are greatly worn.
    • Red - Found houses IDOC.

Technical Notes:
  • Should be "drag and drop" and work with most versions of ServUO.
  • Searches all houses placed in a world and updates once every 5 minutes.
  • Cooldown in place to prevent players from spamming the double-click function.

Find a bug? Please report it here or on the GitHub link. This specific script has been live on the Heritage shard for a few years and has worked well so far.

Make improvements? Please share what you have done to enhance this script.
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