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Job Trigger 1.2.0

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New in this version is a trigger that will execute a job once at server start. Also new is the command command that will execute any command as if it were entered from a logged-in client. See JobTrigger.cfg for documentation on the new options.

The command command allows anyone with file system access to shard's hosting platform to execute arbitrary commands at Owner access level. Before installing this addon on your host, make sure that anyone with file system access is trusted to execute Owner-level commands for your shard.
Added externalrestart command and the following two resources:
A Linux shell script used to update and recompile from Git. This is used to regularly update the code base on the official servers. Be sure to set the variables at the top of the script so that you get email alerts when this process fails. Also not that this script assumes that git and mail are properly installed and setup on your system.

An upstart configuration file for ServUO. Copy this to /etc/init on a system that uses upstart to register ServUO as a service. Be sure to edit the script and set the path to where ServUO is located on your system and to set the user which you wish to use.