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Karavoc's Boomstick V3


  1. Karavoc
    (boomstick V1)
    so i figured since we have pirates and we have cannons we might as well have guns.

    What is it - A new firearm that uses a black staff and ammo to add a new range

    Install - Drag and drop it should work fine

    this includes
    • The Boomstaff
    • a Based ranged firearm
    • the ammo
    • 4 Bandoliers - 250,500,750 & 1k (holds the amount in its name)
    • a Bandolier (Still Working out bugs, can't open it)
    • parts for upgrades
    Future Plans -
    1. edit based Ranged firearm to have spent cases fall to the ground on fire
    2. add a "Reloading" system
    3. Add custom art (my computer can't handle UO-fiddler right now)
    4. get the Bandolier to work
    5. add more Boom Toys (wand ect)
    6. Add a Magazine to the weapon EG - a Boom Stick with a 5 round magazine that would only fire the 5 charges then need to be reloaded

Recent Updates

  1. Now with working Bando's
  2. Karavoc's Boomstick V2