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Knive's Chat 2013-12-17


  1. cmileto
    Knive's wonderful chat system. Exactly as I got it from RunUO forum. Link here
    I in no way made this or deserve any credit for it. I am simply posting it here because its awesome.

    Features included in this system:
    - Public or regional chatting
    - Channel creation or removal
    - Guild, Alliance, Faction and IRC chatting
    - Channel listings with simple navigation
    - Ignoring, banning, listening, global listening
    - Filtering and spam prevention
    - In-game integrated IRC client
    - Multi-server chat connection tool
    - Automated player notification system
    - Searchable help contents
    - Localized text file for easy language changes

    Commands included in this system:
    - You control the commands for your public channels!
    - Public: C, Ch
    - Guild: G, Guild
    - Alliance: A, Ally
    - Faction: F, Faction
    - IRC: I, IRC
    - Multi Server: Mu
    - Private Message: Pm, Msg (Followed by a player’s name and text to include in message)
    - Mail: Ma, Mail
    - Friends: F, Friends
    - Staff: St, Staff
    - View all: Va
    - Staff Announcements: All
    - Help Contents: Hc
    - Errors: ChatErrors, CE

Recent Updates

  1. reuploaded working zip
  2. Working Version