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Lockpicking Chest Trainer v.02

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Just trains lockpicking as high as you set it up to. (95 skill is osi, if they
havent changed it. you had to sweat the other 5 points in dungeons
or treasure hunting) If you want higher than 95, then edit the line 20.
Or you can put it 100. But if you want higher you may need to code in,
or copy paste a power scroll to go higher than 100.

Just drop in custom scripts folder. Place a few around the world on
the ground, or in Bucs Den on tables, and let players know theyre there.
Or sell thru thief, etc

Yes its been done before but i didnt like the system where you had to
use a different chest every 10 or 20 levels.

Lockpicking Chest.cs
using System;
using System.Collections;
using Server.Multis;
using Server.Mobiles;
using Server.Network;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Server.ContextMenus;

namespace Server.Items
public class LockpickingChest : LockableContainer
private bool m_Locked;

public LockpickingChest(): base(0x9AA)
Name = "Lockpicking Chest";
Locked = true;
LockLevel = 1;
MaxLockLevel = 95; // edit here to go as high as you want for your shard. 95 is osi style, 100 is max, higher with power scrolls or however you set it up in your shard.
RequiredSkill = 1;
Movable = false; // set to true if you make available to players
Weight = 4.0;

public override void LockPick(Mobile from)
this.Locked = true;
from.SendMessage("The container magically relocks it self.");
public LockpickingChest(Serial serial)
: base(serial)

public override void Serialize(GenericWriter writer)

writer.Write((int)0); // version

public override void Deserialize(GenericReader reader)

int version = reader.ReadInt();
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