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Misc Lokai Versioning Tool 2.0

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Version 2.0
After creating the Console Application I took what i learned packed it into an actual program with buttons and things
I extended it to use Lokai's Scripts.LV1, Scripts.LV2, Scripts.LV3, Scripts.LV4, and Scripts.LV5 folders for File Movement and List Generation

Warning!! If you aren't already using Lokai's Versioning System... This will mean little to you. If you dont use it, Consider checking it out. it will Drastically change your new script compile times to a split second as long as you....
DO NOT edit/add any files in your main /Scripts/ Folder after initial server start

Place the "Lokai Versioning Tool.Exe" in your main Server folder
Example "C:\ServUO-master\"

You will also need these folders in your "C:\ServUO-master\" Folder

  • Scripts.LV1
  • Scripts.LV2
  • Scripts.LV3
  • Scripts.LV4
  • Scripts.LV5

What is Does?

  • Display a list of the Scripts in the /Scripts.LV# / Folders you choose
  • Move/Delete the Files to your /Scripts/Custom/ Folder.

After the files have been moved from your /Scripts.LV#/ Folder, the server will recompile the /Scripts/ Folder and you can start again.






Changed some spelling.
Minor fixes and edits