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Mail System 1.0 2016-11-17

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Hey All,

I did not write the original code for this mail system, But i have re-wrote some to make it more compatible and drop in friendly for ServUO.

The Mail system is really nice it allows players to not only send mail messages to there friends but also lets them send items (Presents), All they need to do is have an "Address Book" that they buy from a "Post Master" and they add there friends to it.

In Game add's for Gm's
[Postbox for the mail boxes "place where u want them"
[Add Postmaster "To spawn them instantly"

I would suggest making one of the building a post office an spawning 2 Post Masters as players will need to get Blank Scrolls and Sealing Wax to put in the books,

After that it's easy click on your friends name in the book write your message and drop the "message scroll that is white" onto the Post box and it will send it to the player you have wrote too.

I really hope you all like this system i like it as it gives a little more life-life feel and it allows people to send gifts threw the "MAIL"

Want to change some of the gumps
Want to make length of messages longer

Please feel free to add to the mail code as you see fit, i just ask if you do please share with everyone

Thank you and Enjoy :)

**Edit** If anyone needs help this the system PM me on here or on Discord

Also please i know most people don't but if you like it and think that this is a useful code rate it so people know :)
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