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Misc Make Custom Chairs Useable 2023-05-12

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Make Chairs Useable

Mystery Solved!!!
Once you do this, you will need to distribute the chair.txt to your players.
1. Find your Chair.txt file.
2. Find a Chair that best suits your needs (Osi Chair).
3. Place your custom chair next to the osi one, [inc y -1 , this will move your custom chair, to sit directly over the osi chair, and not increase the z of it.
This is done to test your sitting position, to see which osi chair looks the best.
4. Find the itemid number of your chair in the chair.txt list, and copy that line.
5. Go to the bottom of your chair.txt file, paste your osi chair line there.
6. Get the itemid number of your custom chair.
7. Change the osi itemid number to your new custom chair itemid number.
8. Save and restart your test server.
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