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Master skill scroll 2016-03-27

sets cap and skill to 120

  1. Evil Midget
    Drag and drop
    This scroll Creates a deed that when used changes the skills cap and skill to 120.
    You can just add " this.PackItem(MasterScroll.CreateRandom(1,1)); " To the normal place, but this allows players to steal it and not kill the monster.

    Your best option would be to add it into a monsters ondeath method.

    if (Utility.RandomDouble() < 1.0) // 100% Chance to drop
    c.AddItem(MasterScroll.CreateRandom(1, 1)); "

    Probably not needed on most servers... just a little something I made.
    Was just an edit of the transcendence scroll so i give credit where due.

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2016-03-27
    works a charm