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Metal Tinker Mounts 1.0

Metal mounts that can be crafted with tinkering skill.

  1. Hank
    ServUO or Runuo
    | Runuo Script | This is the illusion of metal tinker crafted mount.
    |Compatible with ServUO out of the box. |

    Five metal mounts that can be created by using the tinkering skill.
    Horses, Llamas, Desert Ostards, Forest Ostards & Frenzied Ostards

    The tinker creates a statue of the mount which can be double clicked to create the mount.
    The mounts can be shrunken back down to a statue through the context menu "Disassemble".
    Mounts can not be shrunken down if they are not at full health.

    Each of these five mounts can be crafted with the nine metal types.
    Iron, Dullcopper, Shadowiron, Copper, Bronze, Gold, Agapite, Verite & Valorite
    Their damage types and resistances reflect the special properties for each of the nine metals.

    To craft the mounts you will need to use the Mount Tinker Tools. For players to be able to craft the mounts you will need to provide some way for the players to obtain the Mount Tinker Tools.
    I can give directions on how to add the mounts to the current tinker tools if requested.

    I strongly advise anyone looking to implement this on a live server to go over the mounts attributes and adjust them as needed. I did my best to not make them over powered and i think they will reflect that by default. I also suggest looking at the required crafting materials for each of the mounts via the DefMountTinkering.cs and adjusting the required materials as needed.
    Note: Metal Ostards do have pack instinct as is


    Installation Instructions: Drag-and-Drop to customs folder

    If anyone finds any bugs or issues please PM me, Thank You.

    Tested on svn Runuo Version 2.2, Build 4940.27340
    Core: Running on .NET Framework Version 4.0.30319

    Special Thanks and Credit to:
    |*| Milva (Assistance with DefMountTinkering)
    | |
    | |