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Mirror Mold 2024-07-05

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A Underdark Item. If you step on this mold it will create a mirror image of your character and start attacking you.

Description from d100:
  1. Mirror Mold: Step in, or touch a patch of Mirror Mold, and a mindless, shambling simulacra of yourself will grow from this silvery grey glop a few hours, days, or weeks later. There are old dark-delver tales that occasionally, particularly old patches of this stuff, if left alone long enough, learn to do more than just shamble. There may be some truth to these tales. The simulacrum melts if severely damaged, exposed to high heat (60 Celcius, kills the Mold), below freezing temperatures (The mold ceases to function, but spores are viable), Low humidity (doesnt kill the spores, but stops the simulacrum). Other methods to kill the simulacrums may also exist. Because of these properties, they make a much sought after component for making magical simulacra!
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