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Monster Walker Tali

Ok, the title might be a tad odd.
And no script added aswell, what gives?

Well its nothing SUPER Major, but a good thing to have.

Basicly any equipped item can be used, but i have used a talisman for this.
What it does?
When wearing this talisman, monsters wont attack you, if you attack them while wearing this, they wont be super interested in attacking you back. (They will attack back, but yea, not super interested)

If staffs are going unblessed from time to time, and wishes that monsters wouldnt attack them. Or what i did was, a temporary halloween dungeon, with a player run boss. (a player created a new char, got buffed ALOT with equips he couldnt move, but yea he was also trustworthy, and got this talisman... He could run freely among the monsters in the dungeon, and appear as a normal boss, in that sense that monsters wouldnt attack him)

I wont add a script, since the only thing you need to do, is create a blank talisman. (Mine is named "MonsterWalkerTalisman", you understand why i write that below.)

Then in BaseCreature, under
public virtual bool IsEnemy(Mobile m)

You just add

if (m.Player && m.FindItemOnLayer(Layer.Talisman) is MonsterWalkerTalisman)
return false;

And your done!

Could be used for players that want to show you a bug et.c. and you wishes not to bless them for some reason. Could do a second talisman with a 15minute lifespan timer on it, so the player wouldnt run off and abuse it.

Super simple script, and hopefully some will find a use for it!
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