MrRiots - Wintertide Festival Event 2023

MrRiots - Wintertide Festival Event 2023 1

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Ultima Online (Latest Client)
ServUO 58

Hello everyone! It's that time of the year again!
This is a highly customizable Winter Event package made by MrRiots.
This will be a long read, but please bare with me.
There are no locations pre-selected, its for you to decide where to host the event.
See images down below.

This package haven't been live tested with any population due to me not running a shard.
But it compiles without errors or crashes on Pub58.

The package is made on a fresh copy of P58 ServUO and the latest Patch from EA.
Its 100% drag and drop and requires no core changes or changes to any code.

It is highly customizable, and you are free to edit or use parts from it to either enhance this package or create new and exciting code for your shard! You can absolutly use this as a base for new code.
See what the scripts it includes down below.

What is this?

This is a two part event package that contains afew fun new elements to Ultima Online.

1) Slay the Sleigh

A broken sleigh, that needs mending by collecting repair parts for Wintertide Spirits.
The only way to kill the Wintertide Spirits is by throwing snowballs at them.
Collect the repair parts, double click the Sleigh to consume the items from your backpack.
At 100/100 it will spawn the main boss, The Wintertide King. (Ive added a timer that will block any attempt to repeat this within 15 Minutes, in the BrokenSleigh.cs you can change this value to anything you wish)
He has his own Artifact Lootpack, any player who deals enough damage for Lootrights has a chance for an artifact.
This package has its own WintertideArtifactSystem.cs
You can edit and add/remove any rewards you want from that.
public override bool OnBeforeDeath()
            return base.OnBeforeDeath();
This is the line you will find in the WintertideKing.cs that handles the drop.
You can also use this as a base to create your own special artifact drop for any boss/mobile you wish in the future

Make sure to go into your WintertideArtifactSystem.cs and change this part:
public static double ChanceToDropArtifact = 1.0; //
The best would probably be .10.

In the BrokenSleigh.cs
Change the spawn location for the boss.
Line 47
winterking.MoveToWorld(new Point3D(0, 0, 0), Map.Trammel);
The Snowballs are decaying items, make sure you spawn them or add them to the game so your players can get their hands on them.
The Wintertide Spirits comes in different bodyvalues, you can add/remove as many as you wish.

Snowball & Winter Spirit Special Effects:



The Wintertide King offers 3 special attacks,
Icicle Barrier that drains the stamina and blocks the path.
Area Explosion
Spawn of Melting Snowmen (These will auto delete after 25 seconds alive if not killed, maximum of 6 spawned at the same time, can easily be edited)


Afew of the Rewards (Find more in the WintertideArtifact.cs) and the Rewards Folder:


A new pigment type
"Wintertide Tincture"
that comes with 5 charges and my own choice of hues.
You can change these as you wish. Use them as a base to make your own pigment system!

2) Random Quest Generator, the Wintertide Brawl! and Reward Vendor
Its based of the MLQuest and clicking it will generate a random Slay quest, with a random amount of different monsters to slay.
I made a custom MonsterList.cs that it will get its BaseCreatures from, you can easily add or remove mobiles from that list.
Rewards are a random amount of Wintertide Coins, which can be spent at the Wintertide Reward Vendor for Christmas/Winter decorations. The coins are not part of any Point System and will be unblessed and youll get it in your backpack.
This Reward List is easily edited to add or remove anything you want and change the event prices.
You can also use this as a base to create your own special vendors



3) Christmas Tree Vendor and Wintertide Market Addons
Made afew simple addons you can add through out the world to make your own special Event area.
Also a Christmas Tree Vendor, change the prices to whatever you wish is fair.


All items should come with the tag "Wintertide 2023" to mark the items as event items.
Remember to customize the rewards after your liking, and make sure you edit the parts you do not think belong on your server (Even tho I tried to keep it non Overpowered)

Save yourself from making an apology YouTube video after a server wipe.

Now enjoy this package, get back to me if you have any questions.
I probably won't be able to help with backward compability issues or trying to add this to a RunUO Server.
But feel free to ask, someone might be able to help :)

// MrRiots
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