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Animations Music instrument 2021-12-19

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Link for paperdoll:

Thanks MalucoBeleza and Jhobean for script help.

If you want to help me in my achievements. I invite you to make a donation.

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I used animation 18 with a delay of 15 for the horse and the animation 6 with delay 15 when you are standing. I just have the script for sphere.

If (<Src.flags> & statf_onhorse)
Src.anim 18 15
Src.anim 6 15

To use it you add the .vd in your muls with Uofiddler => animation => settings => animation edit => add the .vd => misc => save.
Then you use an existing item like the bottle at 0x099b and you go to its tiledata.
In the tiledata you put layer 2, wearable and the ID in decimal in anim then save changes => save tiledata.
You go to the gump tab => right click => insert ad => in hexadecimal you add 50,000+ id of the anim in decimal. Example 1937 Decimal anim ID => therefore gump 51937 (male) and therefore an insertad = 0xCAE1 => right click => replace => ad paperdoll =>right click => save.

For those who add their animation in the anim4 or anim5.mul etc ...

Remember to add your bodyconv.def with example: 1937 -1 -1 637 -1 => it means that I added to the ID 637 of the anim4.mul but for the script, tiledata etc ... it will be the place 1937 taken on the anim.mul.

For the graphics: I recall that it is only the actions in "peace". I did not do the fights because here it is mainly for the RP.

For the colors:

No partialhue

If you still have some customer problems you still need the mobtypes. So in my example it will be 1937 EQUIPMENT 0
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