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NPC Factions/Fighters 2018-07-18

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These npc factions are based off of the DummyFighters script. I have added 4 races: Orc, Human, Elf and Undead. There are also mounted classes added to each group. Each group also has their own customizable speech, armor weapons, mounts, loot and other gear.

Elves have the option to speak English or elvish or both. The elvish speech is commented out so just uncomment it to enable.

Orcs speak the same way the npc orcs do with orcish and english phrases and orc grunts and sounds.

Humans have the least amount of pre scripted phrases but you can add as many as you like.

The dead npc's dont speak during battle but you can easily change that if you like.

Each group is assigned a team number but there are also opposition groups you can set up. I recommend opposition groups if you don't want the npc's to attack players. Customize this any way you like, add more races or classes, change the armor and colors, the sky is the limit! I had alot of fun putting this together for my server so I hope you will too.

Installation: Drop into custom scripts folder and start server (Tested on latest ServUO). Use the command "[addmenu npc" to view and add all the npc types or set them up with spawners.

Also works with RunUO 2.xx. For RunUO you can uncomment alot of the edits to add even more customized options usually without conversion.

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