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Organize and OrganizeUI 2023-08-21

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First of all, this is a modern revisit on Tresdni's great work here. I always liked QOL features like this and figured I'd share my revisit back with the community.

This requires VNC and has been tested on p57, p58 and whatever my server is.

Provides both a command and menu interface players can use to organize their backpacks into designated bags.

Players can use either [organize or [organizeui
The default usage for [organize will organize all items within the player's backpack that match one of the categories below:
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Potions
  • Currency
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Reagents
  • Miscellaneous
There's a standard exclusion list that checks for blessed, insured, movable, visible, etc.

The command has been enhanced to allow greater control over what gets sorted. Players can simply type [organize gold, [organize reagents, [organize potions for targeted usage. I've included some common shorthand strings so [organize weps or [organize regs will also work and this is quite easy to extend.

Alternatively, players can call [organizeui and be presented with the following menu to choose what gets sorted.

This uses VNCs extension methods for robust calls/checks for safety and should handle duplicate bags. If for whatever reason where it fails a sanity check will ensure item/bag safety. Lastly, since I have a decade of hindsight, I've removed the LINQ calls and where relevant I've lowered the code to minimize unneeded allocations/improve speed in case players choose to run organize calls in a macro.
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