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Otim Pyre's Bookmarks 2017-09-26

Ultima Online Resources Bookmarks

  1. otimpyre
    Firefox Mozilla
    Example1.png Example2.png Requires firefox mozilla. I think. My huge bookmark file tree structure. I spent hours on hours making this. It is basically like a UO directory. I am not saying everything is here but, it is chock full of Ultima Online developer resources from art, to scripts, to programs you name it. You can add on to this basically making it a one stop UO browser. It has links to every VALID Runuo script allowing you to click browse all bookmarks then do a search! Since Runuo doesn't have a search function my bookmarks will allow you to search again! The servuo bookmarks are not up to date I did this a year or more ago. Enjoy. Has links to every custom artist I ever found and more. In firefox import bookmarks. And point to the file. Warning might want to save and export your own book marks. Or mix this in with yours. Dunno your preference. If your book marks are a mess I recommend exporting and saving then replacing with this one.
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