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Otim Pyre's Custom Desktop AKA OCD 1.0

A complete rework of UO Interface

  1. otimpyre
    This was created to be the first of its kind a complete 100% conversion of all UO gumps to a minimalistic theme.
    Keep in mind as cool as this is. It was made as an OSI replica shard replacement.
    It will not work well with custom servers with lots of custom scripts and gumps. They only way it would work is. In all your custom scripts that have messed up gumps as a result of this installation were reworked to use mine. Which depending are far from OSI replica you are could be staggering amount of work.
    The screenshots are just of basic stuff. This conversion changes spell icons, mini buff icons, target reticules everything even the tapestry of sosaria. EVERY GUMP!
    Splash.png Login
    Character Creation.png Character Creation
    Choose Local.png Choose Starting Area
    Trade Window.png Trade Window
    Buy Sell.png Buy Sell
    Dyetub.png Dye Tub
    Corpses.png Corpse Containers


    1. Preview.png
    2. preview 2.png