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Publicmoongate.cs with valley of eodon location 2016-11-28

Maybe this will help with getting to the valley of eodon.

  1. ObiOne
    Just added the code maybe be useful to someone.I don't remember where I got the moongate gump script or who it was made by but you don't have to use the whole script just implement the code in the script to publicmoongate.cs and should take you there.Not sure if anyone did this or not but i'm just trying to help...lol or just override your publicmoongate.cs with this one shouldn't hurt anything.Just downloaded servuo repo and it worked fine. Hope this helps someone.

    public static readonly PMList TerMur =

    new PMList("TerMur & Eodon", "<BASEFONT COLOR=#00EE00>TerMur & Eodon", Map.TerMur, new PMEntry[]
    new PMEntry( new Point3D( 851, 3525, -38 ), "Royal City" ),
    new PMEntry(new Point3D ( 926, 3989, -36), "Holy City" ), // Holy City
    new PMEntry(new Point3D ( 719, 1864, 40), "Valley Of Eodon" ) // Valley Of Eodon
    } );